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Our Services

At Paradigm Performance Therapy, we are DEDICATED to your UNIQUE needs.  Implementing EVIDENCE-BASED, and eclectic treatment approaches; we will work together to fix your pain, identify the root cause of your condition and provide you with the tools necessary to teach you how to prevent if from reoccurring.

You will be guaranteed to have one full hour of one-to-one care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to receive the services you deserve to achieve your goals!


Contact our office for a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss what's going on, determine your physical therapy needs to get you back to pain-free performance.


As movement experts, we utilize our knowledge of anatomy & physiology in addition to the use of the Functional Movement Screening tool to help identify movement compensations from strength and mobility imbalances.  



We will complete a comprehensive, movement based assessment to identify the problem; you'll leave understanding the root cause of the condition and we will design an individualized plan of care of how we can get you back to doing what you love.


 Implementing therapeutic exercises designed to restore function, flexibility, increase strength and aerobic capacity. These principles are utilized to help improve your overall functional capacity and athletic performance.  


We will assist in providing soft tissue mobilization, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), joint and spinal mobilizations/manipulations, myofascial and active release techniques, kinesiotaping techniques, therapeutic dry needling and cupping techniques.



Balance deficits have many contributing factors that lead to impairment.  Using an eclectic treatment approach to examine each factor to help you regain the confidence to get back on your feet.


Good posture is important because it helps your body function at it's highest potential.  This treatment technique involves strengthening weak postural muscles, stretching tight structures and teaching patient education on self-correction techniques.


We will work closely with your coach/trainer to help you return back to your sport as safely and quickly as possible. We are experienced in treating athletes who participate in basketball, running, soccer, swimming, tactical and wrestling sports. 


Exercise Recovery services are designed to expedite healing to optimize the body's performance and enhancing movement.  Services offered include NormaTec compression therapy, Hyperice percussion with Hypervolt devices, kinesiology taping, Game Ready cryotherapy and vasopneumatic compression.

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